It’s not unusual for men to get wrapped up in hobbies, electronics, sports toys, or other gadgets and gizmos. Whether you are an adventure seeker, a beach bum, or a city slicker, Daddy Knows Too is always in the know on what’s hot and what’s not. Like moms, dads run rampant driving kids to school, fixing bicycles, crafting cool lunches, and working intensely. Once in a while, dads need to de-stress, and enjoy much-needed R&R doing the stuff they love. This top ten list of hobbies for 2017 are just a few ways men can relieve pressure and pow wow.

For the fitness fanatic, swimming, cycling, or our favorite Parkour (free running) allows guys to be guys and do what they do best (run, jump, climb) and most importantly, build up that adrenaline rush without a can of #RedBull. Let’s not forget there’s a few other muscle building activities that rock the dad’s top list for 2017; Squash (yes, it’s a game not a vegetable you have to eat), Archery, Handgun/rifle shooting, breakdancing (#VanillaIce eat your heart out), Golf, weight lifting, trampolining, and paintball. Who doesn’t love a good game of paintball?

Feeling a bit more adventurous? Surfing, sailing, scuba diving, canoeing, skydiving, hang gliding, and urban exploration (yes, that’s actually an experience) are just a few new things to try this year. Still not thrilled? Geocoaching is the next big treasure hunting adventure. Individuals leave coordinates all over the world for people to find different items, and it is all tracked on the Internet. Whoah! Adventure and Technology wrapped in one!

Maybe you’re not an outdoorsy type, and prefer some mental stimulation…. Inventing new card games seems to be on the up and up, reading, meditation and yoga, learning new languages, travelling, and hypnosis. Yup, it’s true… tell your buddies to come on and over because you might be able to predict the next fantasy football results.

What would life be like without drone photography? For the artist in you, shoot crazy images and video with your #Gopro of your flying aircraft and then paint it in a wine n’ paint art class with your better half. Your spouse will love you for taking an interest in their ‘romantic’ activities, and you get to create your next master piece as you become the Hans Solo of the sky. Music videos for #Youtube!, beat boxing, and collecting vinyl records also accompany this category.

Booyah! Did you just make that pizza bro? Yup, you did. Cooking classes are all the rage in the hobby department, and anything related to craft brewing, mixology, coffee roasting, meat smoking, and any other foodie fanatic festivities finalize this list of fun for dads in 2017.

Whether you’re restoring cars, making origami paper airplanes, completing a DIY project for your ever loving spouse, or lighting the grill on fire, dads have plenty of stuff to keep them busy….. you know when they’re not doing anything else!


What is life without future goals? It’s a heck of a boring day. Well, at Daddy Knows Too there are #NoBoring days, because we are constantly working on how to bring more fun into our lives and yours! The #DKTTeam has crafted some pretty cool tech savvy stuff we think you’re going to want to add to your techno-to-do list.

Here’s just a few of our 2017 recommendations if you missed them in your 2016 holiday wish list.

  1. Virtual Reality gaming head set (Escape your current work for this one…)
  2. 3D movie adaptation set for your TV screen (Yes! Make any TV 3D! What?!!!! So Awwwwwesome!)
  3. Siri? Alexa? Echo? Whatever your name is….. ‘Get over here and tell me the local movie times at the theatre’.
  4. The Fire Stick is still burning with flames on our list – Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, HBOGo……. There’s never enough TV in a man’s life.
  5. TP-Link Wi-Fi Range Extender – work from home this week, this device will create some radial distance when it comes to your wifi. Soon, you’ll be back on the couch with your fire stick and work will get done real fast!
  6. As if monitoring your air conditioner from your mobile cell phone wasn’t cool enough, Nest makes a security Cam that is off-the chain! Yeah, I went there.
  7. How about protecting your devices? Well, at least your phones anyway. Cool iPhone cases that have made their way into this list include an 80’s mixed cassette tape case, a clever camo number, and a hardwood floor case. Pretty cool huh?
  8. The Grillbot Automatic Cleaner is another one that makes our list this year, and boy are we happy when we have a clean grill.
  9. Let’s not forget our buddy ‘Dre. He makes our list for a couple years now, because whether you’re jogging on the beach or chilling in your mancave, you always need a good pair of quality headphones. And remember to buy the noise cancelling ones so you can tune yourself out from well… you know? Doing the dishes, laundry, and other handy work.
  10. Last but not least, the #Polaroid Action Cube makes the cut off this year. Want to watch your buddies make a fool of themselves sliding on that mattress from the roof while heavily intoxicated from their craft brewing session? This is the tech gadget for you. Waterproof, and shockproof, it will even snap on to your helmet as your Parkhour through the city streets.

Need we say anything else? … but Your Welcome!

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